Fleeing Eritrean repression, counting oneself among the 70 million refugees, upscaling development assistance and financing SDGs… Our July 4 Development press review highlights interesting analyses of the past weeks’ development news.

European development assistance [VIDEO]
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European development assistance

Experts addressed the issue of inequality in Africa during the European Development Days Conference which took place in Brussels on June 18 and 19. Various solution were put forth.

Inequalities in Africa at the heart of European Development Days  ” , Africa News, June 19, 2019

Evaluating SDGs [INTERVIEW]
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Evaluating SDGs

Statistics play an important role in public policy making and in assessing sustainable development goals, particularly when it comes to gender equality. Fatiha Hassouni explains why.

Statistics are at the heart of acheving SDGs, says gender equality advocate  ” , Euractiv, June 21, 2019

Eritrea: Endangered political opposition [ARTICLE]
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Eritrea: Endangered political opposition

The Eritrean government stands among the most repressive governments in the world, says a recent report published by Amnesty. Human rights activists living in exile are regularly harassed and intimidated by members or supporters of the ruling party.

Amnesty accuses Eritrea of persecuting exiled activists  ” , East Africa Monitor, July 1, 2019

70 million refugees, 5 solutions [OPINION]
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70 million refugees, 5 solutions

2018 broke a sad record: the number of displaced people fleeing misery and persecution has never been higher. Migration experts and researchers Gerhard Hoffstaedter and Sara Riva share 5 solutions they believe can work.

There are 70 million refugees in the world. Here are 5 solutions to the problem.  ” , The Conversation, June 20, 2019

Blockchain for sustainable development [ARTICLE]
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Blockchain for sustainable development

To assist the Government of Afghanistan’s rebuilding process, the UN is developing a cutting-edge solution for effective land management and strategic urban planning using blockchain technology.

UN enlists blockchain in Afghanistan for transparency in rebuilding process  ” , The Sociable, July 2, 2019

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