World leaders’ indifference, the impacts of climate change on our health, the vulnerability of developing countries, the rise of ecological feminism… Our December 20th development press review takes stock of climate change following the end of COP24.

COP in coal-country [ARTICLE]
© Euractiv
COP in coal-country

Never has there been such intense lobbying in favor of fossil fuels during a COP. The host city, Katowice, gets most of its resources from coal. For Polish representatives, the only valid question in these times of climate change is: what will become of fossil fuels?

COP24: Return of king coal  ” , Euractiv, 13 December 2018

The kings of denial [ARTICLE]
The kings of denial

Amid COP24 negotiations, a slight word change initiated by the island nation of the Maldives shed light on oil and gas producing nations’ intent on ignoring the latest IPCC report. Willing to “note” the latter, these countries will not “welcome” it, thus refusing to endorse it.

COP24 Begins to devolve as key countries block IPCC 1.5 report  ” , CleanTechnica, 10 December 2018

The Poor and the Rich in times of climate change [OPINION]
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The Poor and the Rich in times of climate change

Inequality blogger Sam Pizzigati clarifies the ways in which the dominant unequal social and economic system led to climate change in the first place. And how it is now keeping us from curbing it.

Can an unequal earth beat climate change?  ” ,, 14 December 2018

Dying ahead of time: how climate change impacts health [ARTICLE]
© AFP – Sia Kambou
Dying ahead of time: how climate change impacts health

7 million people a year die prematurely because of pollution, and millions more get ill. Adversely, a new study finds that fighting climate change actively could be our greatest health opportunity.

Major Health Study Shows Benefits of Combating Climate Change  ” , Ecowatch, 12 December 2018

Ecology meets feminism [ARTICLE]
© Greenpeace
Ecology meets feminism

Climate change threatens women more than men. Poor populations are at greater risk and the majority of the world’s poor are women. Yet women play a smaller role in the decision-making processes of climate-related planning and policy-making. Gender Day at COP24 reminded all it’s time for a change.

Feminism and environmentalism go hand in hand – it’s gender day at the global climate talks  ” , Greenpeace, 11 December 2018

Uncompromising commitment [ARTICLE]
Uncompromising commitment

After two weeks of negotiations, COP24 reached a deal: States agreed to implement the Paris Agreement signed in 2015. A huge disappointment for those who hoped that States would show greater commitment to keeping the rise in temperature below 1.5 degrees by 2050.

Environmental activists frustrated COP24 deal not strong enough  ” , CBC, 17 December 2018

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