Despite notable environmental progress, climate change is still a reality. As the COVID-19 crisis is widening inequalities, global warming continues to threaten ecosystems and the survival of populations. A post-COVID-19 world must consider the danger of both crises.

Worldwide carbon emission fall: a renewable event? [ARTICLE]
© David McNew-Getty Images
Worldwide carbon emission fall: a renewable event?

According to a study published in Nature Climate Change, worldwide lockdowns have triggered a dramatic fall in global carbon emissions. But as countries slowly get back to normal activity, no impact is expected on global warming. For scientists, structural changes are needed.

Carbon emissions fall 17% worldwide under coronavirus lockdowns, study finds  ” , CBS News, May 20, 2020

A Green New Deal for a new South Korea? [ARTICLE]
© Office of Lee Soyoung
A Green New Deal for a new South Korea?

Young people are the new driving forces in the battle against climate change. A battle that Soyoung Lee, youngest member of the South Korean parliament, wants to conduct. Convinced that creating jobs and raising climate ambitions can go together, the MP is pushing for the establishment of a Korean Green New Deal.

Could a Green New Deal turn South Korea from climate villain to model?  ” , The Guardian, May 23, 2020

The link between climate and the pandemic [ARTICLE
© Ben Curtis-Associated Press
The link between climate and the pandemic

COVID-19 may be a major crisis, but climate change still is this century’s major challenge. All have worsened world inequality, and both crises collide for unprecedented consequences. Future solutions must include analyses of these risks.

What a Week’s Disasters Tell Us About Climate and the Pandemic  ” , The New York Times, May 23, 2020

The Australian age of fire [ARTICLE]
The Australian age of fire

Is Australia going into a new “fire age”? For scientists, the answer is yes. According to officials, fire weather lasts longer and is much more intense. Indeed, research shows the decisive role that global warming plays in exacerbating the phenomenon. Extreme spike days and bushfires have already caused fatalities.

Fire season extends by almost four months in parts of Australia  ” , The Sydney Morning Herald, May 25, 2020

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