On the heels of IPPC’s release of the climate emergency report, iD4D is devoting the entire press review to the climate, an overview of the questions raised by the upheavals to come.

And if the IPCC is right? [INFOGRAPHIC]
WRI infography
And if the IPCC is right?

The IPCC has struck again. Its report on the consequences of warming the planet by 1.5°C is clear: just 1°C of warming already causes serious problems. The World Resources Institute sums up these impacts and their importance in function of the chosen scenario.

Half a Degree and a World Apart: The Difference in Climate Impacts Between 1.5˚C and 2˚C of Warming  ” , World Resources Institute, 7 October 2018

The only fight [TRIBUNE]
Meade Krosby @ CIG
The only fight

For Meade Krosby, senior research scientist with the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, the time has come for enlightened doom-and-gloom. Just one solution: we can change the future by stoppping what we’re doing and produce and consume differently.

We can change course on climate change by moving from despair to action  ” , Seattle Times, 11 October 2018

The price of the climate [ARTICLE]
© UNICEF - Arimacs Wilander
The price of the climate

Floods, devastating hurricanes, tsunamis… all these extreme climate events are costly. Direct economic losses have skyrocketed in the last 20 years. And those who risk losing everything are the inhabitants of poor countries.

UN report shows climate change causing “dramatic rise” in economic losses  ” , UN News, 10 October 2018

The upcoming COP [ARTICLE]
COP © Ryszard Stelmachowicz - Shutterstock
The upcoming COP

Three years after COP21, the negotiators preparing for the international climate change conference are still discussing what measures to apply to implement the Paris Agreement. The emergency is now. Will the decisions be equal to the times?

Towards Katowice: We’ll always have Paris?  ” , Euractiv, 1 October 2018

Inequalities in the face of the climate [REPORT]
Afrique ©Pixabay
Inequalities in the face of the climate

The IPCC report stresses the fact that the actions and measures currently being implemented are insufficient to limit warming. But above all, it states that the consequences of rising temperatures will also be socio-economic and will exacerbate situations which are already precarious.

The IPCC’s latest climate report on 1.5°C holds implications for African countries  ” , Mail and Guardian, 11 October 2018

Even Bhutan [REPORT]
Bhoutan ©Arun Sankar - AFP
Even Bhutan

Bhutan, the country that invented gross domestic happiness, is also the only country in the world to have a negative carbon footprint. But even if they don’t contribute to it, climate change is affecting them. Further proof that if the consequences are global, the solutions must be too.

What tiny Bhutan can teach the world about being carbon negative  ” , « CNN News », 11 October 2018

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