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co-director, World Development Report 2015

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Varun Gauri is Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank and Co-Director of the World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior. His current research examines why public agencies comply with human rights court rulings and why individuals support public goods. His publications include the books Courting Social Justice: The Judicial Enforcement of Social and Economic Rights in the Developing World and School Choice in Chile. His research has appeared in top journals in the fields of political science, development, and economics. His work has been covered in The New York Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, and The Indian Express. He has BA from the University of Chicago and a PhD from Princeton University, and has held positions as Visiting Lecturer in Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and Visiting Professor in the Department of Economics at ILADES in Santiago, Chile.

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People do not behave as free riders!

In the standard account in economics, people are self-interested. In other words, individuals “free ride,” taking advantage of others, whenever they can. But is that how people actually behave?


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