Jean-Marc Pradelle

Sahel Adviser at “Innovation, Research and Knowledge” Directorate, AFD

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Agence Française de Développement
5, Rue Roland Barthes
75598 Paris Cedex 12

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An agricultural engineer by training, I started my career in the NGO Solidarités Agro-alimentaires, before joining the Club du Sahel of the OECD, contributing in particular to the assembly of the food crisis prevention network (RPCA) then to the coordination Long-Term Outlook Study in West Africa (WALTPS). I then joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Embassy of Mauritania and multilateral issues) and the French Development Agency to set up relations with parliamentarians and then operational positions in Guinea, Mauritania and Chad. Today, I contribute to putting knowledge on the Sahel at the service of the actors engaged in financing development projects in the Sahel.

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Rapid population growth of the Sahel Region: A Major Challenge for the Next Generation

The demographic growth of the Sahelian region is unprecedented and transforms deeply the societies. This phenomenon must be understood rather than denounced. Explanations with Jean-Marc Pradelle, Sahel adviser at AFD.


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