Xavier Godinot
Xavier Godinot

To mark the Convergences 2015 World Forum, we have interviewed Xavier Godinot, Delegate to the Millennium Development Goals at ATD Fourth World. This international movement aims to give priority to the poorest in order to build a society in which the equal dignity of all will be respected and everyone will have their full and rightful place.

Participatory good governance means participating in the representation of the poorest with them, so that we do not speak for the poor, but with them.

With less than 1,000 days to go to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Xavier Godinot makes an initial review and explains ATD Fourth World’s five recommendations for the post-2015 development agenda.

These proposals are the result of three years of participatory research conducted in twelve countries. People living in extreme poverty have evaluated the MDGs and compared their opinions with those of academics, government representatives and the international community.

The findings from this action, which are set out in a report entitled “Towards Sustainable Development that Leaves No One Behind. The Post-2015 Challenge.”, were presented on 27 June 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters by people living in extreme poverty.

The five recommendations are:

  1. Leave no on behind;
  2. Introduce people living in poverty as new partners to build knowledge about development;
  3. Promote decent employment and social protection, meet the basic needs of all;
  4. Provide education and training for all based on cooperation among all actors;
  5. Promote participatory good governance.

? Download the report: “Towards Sustainable Development that Leaves No One Behind. The Post-2015 Challenge” (in French)

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