This February’s press review highlights striking news from the beginning of 2021.

Freshwater fish: silently growing extinct [ARTICLE]
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Freshwater fish: silently growing extinct

80 freshwater fish species–more than half of the world’s species–have been declared extinct, with 16 in 2020 alone. World’s Forgotten Fishes’ latest report sheds light on this alarming situation. Pollution, overfishing and climate change are highlighted as main factors.

Global freshwater fish populations at risk of extinction, study finds  ” , The Guardian, February 23, 2021

Fighting TB: the alarming setback [OPINION]
© Beawiharta Beawiharta - Reuters
Fighting TB: the alarming setback

In the urgency to deal with the COVID-19 storm, another deadly airborne infectious disease was seemingly pushed aside: tuberculosis. In a few months, years of progress against TB were reversed. Recovering from this setback has become a dire priority.

The fight against TB, paused by COVID-19, must resume  ” , Devex, February 18, 2021

Kenya: women vs. machine [ARTICLE]
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Kenya: women vs. machine

In Kenya’s Kericho County, the craft of harvesting and plucking tea leaves has long been a female prerogative. Some women worked over 15 years in tea plantations, perfecting their craft. The introduction of tea picking machines in 2015 has cost thousands of them their jobs.

In Kenya, women bear the brunt as mechanization wipes out tea sector jobs  ” , Equal times, February 17, 2021

Health money can buy [ARTICLE]
© Salvatore Di Nolfi - EPA-EFE
Health money can buy

World Health Organization recently blasted wealthy countries for hogging COVID-19 vaccines, to the detriment of poorer nations. Some rich countries’ deals with manufacturers mean that previously-agreed vaccine allocations for poorer countries, via the Covax programme, are being reduced.

WHO slams rich states for hogging vaccines  ” , Euractiv, February 23, 2021

Myanmar military coup: collective fury [PODCAST]
© Nyein Chan Naing - EPA
Myanmar military coup: collective fury

Protests are rocking Myanmar as people take to the streets to demand the release of their democratic leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint. Both were arrested on February 1st when the military seized power. Academics comment on this situation.

Why Myanmar is rising up in collective fury after a military coup – The Conversation Weekly podcast  ” , The Conversation, February 11, 2021

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