From the WHO’s refusal to declare Ebola outbreak a public health emergency to the use of traditional Polynesian practices to preserve the Pacific. Our June 20th Development press review highlights sticking analyses on the past weeks’ development news.

Ebola Emergency [OPINION]
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Ebola Emergency

As the WHO refuses to declare the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo a public health emergency, The Financial Times reminds us not to be complacent. DRC needs three things to bring this crisis under control: money, vaccines and, hardest of all, peace.

Ebola outbreak demands more urgent attention  ” , The Financial Times, June 16, 2019

The female revolutionaries of Sudan [TESTIMONY]
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The female revolutionaries of Sudan

Women have been leading the revolution in Sudan, which saw off Omar Al-Bashir after 30 years of rule. Last week, demonstrators staging a sit-in were brutally massacred in Khartoum. Three female revolutionaries testify.

3 women pioneers recount the brutal turning point of Sudan’s revolution  ” , Vogue India, June 18, 2019

Pacific ocean conservation: traditional practices are key [ARTICLE]
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Pacific ocean conservation: traditional practices are key

To restore marine biodiversity and fish stocks, nothing seems as efficient as the traditional Polynesian marine conservation practice called rahui. Local conservation actors share their vision of how to care for marine resources in the Pacific.

Traditional practices “key to boosting Pacific fish stocks”  ” , Radio New Zealand, June 11, 2019

UN threatens to suspend food aid in Yemen [ARTICLE]
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UN threatens to suspend food aid in Yemen

According to David Beasley, executive director of UN World Food Programme, the agency has solid evidence that food supplies have been diverted by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Threats to suspend food aid until rebels change this have been given.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels accused of diverting food aid from hungry  ” , The Guardian, June 17, 2019

Helping children grow [ARTICLE]
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Helping children grow

At least 1 billion people living in urban slums do not have proper access to health care, clean water and sanitation, according to United Nations estimates. What are the most effective programs to mitigate malnutrition of children living in these areas?

What programme actions are needed to promote children’s growth in poor urban areas?  ” , The Conversation, June 17, 2019

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