From Turkey the day after the presidential election to innovation in Africa, here is a selection of articles and news reports on development published in June 2018.

Europe-Africa, tied continents [TRIBUNE]
© Flickr
Europe-Africa, tied continents

While European countries are struggling to debate the migratory crisis, Shada Islam, Geopolitics director at Friends of Europe. A new kind of partnership is possible, particularly if Europe listens to African civil society and its representatives.

Africa-Europe ties need a reset – but not just because of migration  ” , Euractiv, 7 June 2018

Connected Africa [FOCUS]
©Isabel Espanol
Connected Africa

Almost a month after the Paris Vivatech Fair, read several articles on All Africa about artificial intelligence implementations and uses in Africa.

Africa On the Path to Embrace Artificial Intelligence, Robotics?  ” , All Africa, 22 June 2018

Ancient history? [VIDEO]
© Dessous des cartes
Ancient history?

Created in 1945, the CFA franc still is the common currency of 14 States of West and central Africa, which are organized in two economic and monetary zones. A currency that is today seen as anachronistic and counter-productive for the African countries using it. Answers with a few maps.

CFA Franc: a vestige of the colonial times  ” , [English subtitles available], Arte, 15 June 2018

An election with no suspense [VIDEO]
Federica Mogherini © AFP
An election with no suspense

Less than 24 hours after the re-election of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the first ballot, Federica Mogherini, EU’s diplomatic chief, issued a statement taking note that the conditions for campaigning were not equal. Nonetheless, dialogue is not broken between EU and Turkey.

EU says Turkey election campaign conditions 'not equal'  ” , France 24, 25 June 2018

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