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The fight against inequalities: A state of emergency

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Tomás Páez Bravo

Professeur titulaire à l'université centrale du Venezuela

0 published article

Pierre Forestier

Head of AFD’s Climate Division

2 published articles

Pascale Guiffant

Sustainable Development Deputy Director for the French group Suez Environnement

1 published article

Désiré Vencatachellum

1 published article

Laurent Aventin

Economist, public health specialist

1 published article

Donald Kaberuka

Former President of the African Developement Bank

1 published article

Véronique Sauvat

Head of the Education, Training and Employment Division at AFD

1 published article

Sarah Delputte

Post-Doctoral Assistant at the Centre for EU Studies

1 published article

Sarahi Gutierrez

Head of Programs of the association Batik International

1 published article

Jean Pierre Chauveau

1 published article

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