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350 authors contribute to the ID4D blog to share their expertise on development topics. Thanks to them !

Jon Lomøy

1 published article

Caty Forget

General Delegate of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation

1 published article

Jan Orbie

Associate Professor at the Political Science Department and Director of the Centre for EU Studies (CEUS)

1 published article

Deon Filmer

Lead Economist in the Research Group of the World Bank

1 published article

Pascale Guiffant

Sustainable Development Deputy Director for the French group Suez Environnement

1 published article

Jean-Jacques Eledjam

National President of the French Red Cross

1 published article

Shanta Devarajan

1 published article

Thomas Roca

Economist at AFD

1 published article

Stephen C. McCaffrey

Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento

0 published article

Charlotte Beaumatin

Special Advisor to the Strategy and International Relations Department at INPI

1 published article

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