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The fight against inequalities: A state of emergency

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Anne Gautier

Investment Officer in AFD’s structured finance team

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Jacques Moineville

1 published article

Yuen Yuen Ang

Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Michigan

1 published article

James Mirrlees

Director of the Morningside College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

1 published article

Abdelghni Lakhdar

Economic Advisor to the Head of the Government of Morocco

1 published article

Moussa Alassane Diallo

CEO of National Agricultural Development Bank of Mali (BNDA)

1 published article

Laura Brimont

Researcher at IDDRI

1 published article

Sarah Beeching

Executive Director of the Oshun Partnership

1 published article

Rebecca Enonchong

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AppsTech

1 published article

James Elliott

Independent researcherand trustee of T1 International NGO

1 published article

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