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Water: A global challenge

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Eva Sow Ebion

Business Development Manager, CTIC Dakar

1 published article

Augustin Matata Ponyo Mapon

Prime Minister, Democratic Republic of the Congo

1 published article

James S. Walsh

Behavioral Economist at the World Bank

1 published article

Mathieu Doré

Technical Director of the NGO "Santé Diabète"

1 published article

Doulaye Kone

Senior Advisor, Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates

0 published article

Stéphanie Leyronas

Research Officer

0 published article

Etienne Le Roy

1 published article

Gwenael Prié

Senior project manager for digital technologies within the Direction of Operations of AFD

1 published article

Robert Lepenies

Freie Universität Berlin & WZB

1 published article

Stéphanie Pamies

Economist at European Affairs Department

1 published article

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