Our selection of the week focuses on health.

"The international community can eradicate pandemics" Interview
"The international community can eradicate pandemics"

1.8 million individuals become infected with AIDS each year. Friederike Röder calls on States to increase the financial resources dedicated to this fight.

Malaria: remaining vigilant together Interview
Malaria: remaining vigilant together

As World Malaria Day approaches, Éric Fleutelot, the new technical director of Expertise France’s Major Pandemics unit, shares some lessons from advances in the fight against malaria in the Greater Mekong.

Healing from exile: mental health of displaced people Development news
Healing from exile: mental health of displaced people

68.5 million. That’s the number of forcibly displaced people in the world in 2018. Displaced people deal with violence, loss, precariousness and the daily uncertainty of tomorrow. They find a source of resilience in psychosocial support.

HIV/AIDS: discrimination fuels propagation Development news
HIV/AIDS: discrimination fuels propagation

1.8 million people have been newly infected by HIV in 2017. With all the means deployed to fight this disease since the 1990s, how is this still possible? The prevalence of various types of discrimination facing people living with HIV/AIDS is one of the answers.

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