Jean-Michel Severino
Jean-Michel Severino

The debate was initiated at the European Development Days 2008 in Strasbourg and the discussion continues. Rendez-vous in Stockholm for the 2009’s edition, and until then “To your keyboards”!


Since a few weeks, the financial crisis is the main matter of concern of the international community. As developed countries are still trying to put a figure on the crisis impacts on their economies, a first diagnostic of its effects on the South has to be done. How will the developing world be affected by the financial crisis? What can be the scale of a worldwide slowdown on African’s growths? Asian’s? Latin America’s?

What answers will the donor community be able to provide to limit the contagion of the liquidity crisis to the real economy? What role can be envisaged for Europe, first donor of development aid?

Is there a risk that the international community, by rushing to the bedside of the financial crisis, forgets the food and energy crises?

In this new context, will donors be able to mobilize the resources needed to pursue the Millennium Development Goals? What will happen to aid commitments?

While the industrialized economies are heading toward recession, growth in developing countries is likely to remain at higher levels. Will the developing world have a new role to play as the new engine of global growth?

Join the discussion.

Some members of the blog will answer your questions and remarks live from the European Development Days.

To your keyboards!

From the EDD- Sunday the 16th of November – Donald KAberuka blogging:


The European Commissioner Louis Michel and Guillaume De Saint Phalle (AFD) Sunday the 16th of November – on the blog’s stall, from the EDD:


Jean-Michel Severino, the YARDS, and students from EMA, IHEE, CIAHPD La Sorbonne, and Montpellier, debating on the topic of the post:


Jean-Michel Severino – Monday the 17th of November – blogging from the EDD:


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