Following the publication of a major report on the impacts of climate change on human health – and, more specifically, on children’s health – our November 21 Development press review highlights the past few weeks’ most striking news.

Lancet report: children’s health on the line [ARTICLE]
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Lancet report: children’s health on the line

Food shortages, infectious diseases and natural disasters due to climate change will seriously damage the health of an entire generation of children, especially in India, says major new report published in The Lancet.

India’s children face lifelong health burden of climate change: Lancet report  ” , The Economic Times, November 14, 2019

Climate change: we’re at a crossroads [ARTICLE]
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Climate change: we’re at a crossroads

The latest Lancet report compares human health consequences of climate change under two scenarios, depending on whether the world achieves the goals set out in the Paris agreement or not.

Climate change poses threats to children’s health worldwide  ” , The New York Times, November 13, 2019

Migration stories: Sierra Leone returnees [ARTICLE]
Migration stories: Sierra Leone returnees

What happens to migrants who return to Sierra Leone after failing to reach Europe? Far from receiving a warm welcome home, most of them suffer exclusion and discrimination, and face long-lasting consequences of their leaving in the first place.

“We failed to reach Europe – now our families disown us”  ” , BBC News, November 14, 2019

Transparency and accountability, core values of development [ARTICLE]
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Transparency and accountability, core values of development

NGO Accountability Counsel just launched an online database to merge all complaints ever filed by communities to bilateral and multilateral development finance institutions. A precious tool to improve the impacts of development projects.

New complaints database aims to strengthen accountability in development  ” , Devex, November 18, 2019

State-sanctioned gender discrimination [OPINION]
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State-sanctioned gender discrimination

Dr Violet Odala of African Child Policy Forum discusses her latest research on how African gender discrimination is embedded into laws and policies, designed to perpetuate patriarchal beliefs that subjugate girls and women.

“My job can be pretty depressing”: how Africa’s legal systems are tipped against girls  ” , The Guardian, November 16, 2019

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