Climate wars in the Sahel, melting ice caps and the looming mass exodus of coastal communities… Following the latest IPCC report on the ocean, our October 3 Development press review highlights the last few weeks’ striking climate news.

IPCC warns: Danger in melted ice [ARTICLE]
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IPCC warns: Danger in melted ice

As world leaders continue to fall short of global climate agenda, the latest IPCC report reiterates the ocean’s vital role in mitigating climate change–or in accelerating it. Fast-decreasing ice coverage and rising sea levels are already threatening human lives.

The World’s Oceans Are in Trouble, And So Are Humans, Warns U.N. Report  ” , Time, September 25, 2019

Rising sea levels, alarm raised [ARTICLE]
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Rising sea levels, alarm raised

Sea level rise puts low-lying coastal communities in danger and its effects will be felt by all, reminds the latest IPCC report. Millions of migrants, drowning cities, trillions of dollars of damage per year… Here’s how global warming affects humanity and the social order

Extreme sea levels events “will hit once a year by 2050”  ” , The Guardian, September 25, 2019

Climate refugees: we need to build legal frameworks [OPINION]
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Climate refugees: we need to build legal frameworks

World Bank estimates tens of millions of people could be climate refugees by 2050. Yet in legal and political frameworks, climate refugees simply don’t exist. As extreme climate events multiply and sea levels rise, addressing this issue is key, says Maggie Koerth-Baker.

The World Isn’t Read for Climate Refugees  ” , FiveThirtyEight, September 12, 2019

House on fire: IPCC’s bleak vision of our future [ARTICLE]
© Paul Nicklen - Sea Legacy
House on fire: IPCC’s bleak vision of our future

The latest IPCC report on ocean and the cryosphere follows that on biodiversity, lands and forests and 1.5-degree warming. As we keep on track for 3.5 degrees of warming, these four reports offer a bleak vision of our future.

Oceans and Ice Are Absorbing The Brunt of Climate Change  ” , National Geographic, September 25, 2019

Sahel droughts fuel conflicts [ARTICLE]
Sahel droughts fuel conflicts

Across the Sahel region where livelihoods heavily depend on natural resources, droughts caused by climate change are exacerbating conflicts between and within communities. A look into how climate change disrupts the social order.

From Sudan to Mali, How Climate Wars Are Breaking Out Across the Sahel  ” , Middle East Eye, September 19, 2019

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