State disengagements, destruction of biodiversity, health investments in Africa… Our October 2018 selection of news questions the responsibility of states concerning issues of development.

Did you say climate commitments? [REPORT]
Photo : WeMeanBusiness / Flickr
Did you say climate commitments?

On the heels of the IPCC report and a month before COP24, a new report pinpoints the bad students of climate reform. Only 16 signatories of the Paris Agreement have taken necessary measures to honor their commitment. The other 181 need to do their homework.

Only 16 countries meet their commitment to Paris Agreement, new study finds  ” , Euractiv, 29 October 2018

Goodbye tigers, elephants, rhinos [REPORT]
Photo : Philippe Clement / Belga Mag
Goodbye tigers, elephants, rhinos

In its Living Planet 2018 report, the WWF evaluates that our planet has lost 60% of its biodiversity since 1970. This human-caused decline is speeding up: today, it is 100 to 1000 times faster than it was in previous geological epochs.

Earth has lost 60% of its vertebrate species since 1970  ” , Business Day, 30 October 2018

Danger in the Amazon [ARTICLE]
Photo : Frans Lanting / Nat Geo Image Collection
Danger in the Amazon

Newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro is already scaring environmental defenders and indigenous communities. Can he truly exploit the Amazon rain forest, as he stated during his campaign? National Geographic assesses the reality of his threats.

Brazil’s new leader promises to exploit the Amazon – but can he?  ” , National Geographic, 31 October 2018

Health in Africa: there are five things to do [TRIBUNE]
Photo : London School of Tropical Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Health in Africa: there are five things to do

Only two countries in Africa so far have met the Abuja Declaration, in which governments pledged 15% of their budgets to health. All the while, Africans keep dying from illnesses that are treatable. Toyin Saraki writes five things that need to be done for health in Africa.

How we invest in – and achieve – health in Africa  ” , AllAfrica, 31 October 2018

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