From World Malaria Day to the Kashmiri issues and the implementation of China’s plastic waste ban, our May 2nd development press review provides a selection of significant international news.

Sudan: a revolution towards a civilian rule? [OPINION]
© Ashraf Shazly / AFP
Sudan: a revolution towards a civilian rule?

Sudan is going through a pacific revolution. Authoritarian president Omar al-Bashir has been overthrown after a 30-year rule and protestors are taking to the streets to fight corruption. Civilians hope for take back control over their country from the army.

Will Sudan’s Transition Succeed? Lessons from the Middle East and North Africa  ” , The Globe Post, April 25, 2019

Malaria: let’s end this [INTERVIEW]
Malaria: let’s end this

In 15 years, we have made great progress in eradicating malaria. For Abdourahmane Diallo, Chief executive of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, all stakeholders must get involved in a global collective effort to defeat the pandemic once and for all.

FT Health: Taking the fight to malaria  ” , Financial Times, April 26, 2019

Kashmir: an insight [ARTICLE]
©The Conversation
Kashmir: an insight

Since the 1947 partition, the mountainous region of Kashmir has been at the center of what seems like an endless conflict between India and Pakistan. This podcast focuses on the history behind this conflict, its possible outcome and the daily lives of Kashmiri people.

India Tomorrow part 3: Kashmir  ” , The Conversation, April 23, 2019

Shattering the glass ceiling [ARTICLE]
© Jeanine Mabunda
Shattering the glass ceiling

Jeanine Mabunda has been elected head of Democratic Republic of Congo’s national assembly, with 374 out of 500 votes. This is hardly a surprise; she was the only candidate. Praised for her skills and strong character, she is the first woman to be elected at this position in DRC.

DRC MPs elect woman speaker of parliament, Jeanine Mabunda  ” , Africa News, April 25, 2019

China will no longer be the world’s waste bin [ARTICLE]
China will no longer be the world’s waste bin

Beijing has closed China’s doors to plastic waste imports. Since, the world recycling sector is going into chaos. What is to be done with the waste that was previously taken in by China?


China’s recycling ban has sent America’s plastic to Malaysia. Now they don’t want it – so what next?  ” , CNN, April 27, 2019

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