A new report on biodiversity, European Overshoot day and working conditions in the clothing industry… Our May 16 Development press review puts forth the most striking news in the last couple of weeks

Biodiversity: Time for Radical Change [OPINION]
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Biodiversity: Time for Radical Change

IPBES’s new report has been released, and the facts it puts forth are just as catastrophic as expected. For Michelle Lim, who co-authored its chapter on policy options, radical changes need to be made very quickly to save world biodiversity.

“Revolutionary change” Needed to Stop Unprecedented Global Extinction Crisis  ” , The Conversation, May 6, 2019

We Are Using up 2.8 Planets in a Year [ARTICLE]
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We Are Using up 2.8 Planets in a Year

We are living beyond our means. To keep on living the same way, countries in the European Union are using twice as many resources as its own ecosystems can sustain. This year, Overshoot day was May 10.

If Everyone Lived Like Europeans, We’d Be Out of Earth’s Resources Today  ” , EcoWatch, May 10, 2019

AIDS-Free Africa In Sight? [ARTICLE]
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AIDS-Free Africa In Sight?

For UNAIDS Dr André Kabore, humanity has “an historic opportunity to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa” if UNAIDS 2020 goals are reached and if a system of international solidarity is set up.

“We have an historic opportunity to put an end to the AIDS epidemic in Africa”  ” , Equal Times, May 2, 2019

Clothing Industry: The Cheaper The Work Gets… [ARTICLE]
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Clothing Industry: The Cheaper The Work Gets…

As trends come and go at the pace of social media, fashion brands look to produce clothes in the fastest and most cost-efficient ways, outsourcing to countries where labor is cheap and pushing factory owners to cut corners on safety and labor rights.

Can Cheap Fashion Ever Be Ethical?  ” , Quartz Membership, April 28, 2019

Myanmar Journalists Released: A Happy End [ARTICLE]
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Myanmar Journalists Released: A Happy End

ID4D mentioned the imprisonment of Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo in a recent press review. The great news is they have just been freed after having spent 500 days in jail.

Two Reuters Reporters Freed in Myanmar After More Than 500 Days in Jail  ” , Reuters, May 7, 2019

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