From Chinese environmental policy to international aid to Palestinian territories, and with a look back on African events of 2017, press review on development news of December 2017 with a selection of articles, opinion columns and reports, in French and in English.

Sustainable development policy in China TRIBUNE
Photo : ©Johannes Eisele – AFP-Getty Images
Sustainable development policy in China

China’s reputation is not due to its green policies but the country cares more and more about protecting the environment. Among several reasons : it is a strong economic and financial argument and China is reacting to the growing domestic pressure on the subject.

China Unveils an Ambitious Plan to Curb Climate Change Emissions  ” , New York Times, 19 December 2017

French development aid TRIBUNE
Photo : ©Ludovic Marin-EPA
French development aid

The French 2018 budget has been adopted by Parliament, but it is not as ambitious as expected after President Macron’s announces. Expenditure on development aid is increasing but is €6 billion behind the 0.55 % of GNI promised. For NGOs like Oxfam, this is a failure.

Macron’s promise on development expenditure broken in 2018 budget law  ” , Euractiv, 22 December 2017

Africa in 2017 PANORAMA
Photo : ©AFP-Reuters
Africa in 2017

2017 ended with the election of George Weah in Liberia, first step of a democratic transition in this country. This positive note does not mirror the year events on which Le Monde : migrants slavery, nepotism, pursue of the UN missions…

What to remember of 217 in Africa [in French]  ” , The Guardian, 29 December 2017

International aid and the Palestinian Territories ANALYSIS
Photo : ©Evan Vucci-AP
International aid and the Palestinian Territories

The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people heavily rely on foreign aid defined by the Oslo I Accord as an investment in peace in 1993. International aids and especially the US allocations tend to be reduced year after year. These cuts could jeopardize the delicate balance of the region.

Threat to cut U.S. aid to Palestinians comes with risks  ” , The Columbian, 3 January 2018

Cooperation on tracks between Cuba and the EU ARTICLE
Photo : ©Alejandro Ernesto-EPA-EFE
Cooperation on tracks between Cuba and the EU

As Washington maintains its blockade on the island, Brussels moves forward to establish a real political dialogue on cooperation with Havana. Through Frederica Mogherini, the European Union pursues the normalization of the relationships with Cuba.

EU foreign policy chief says ‘blockade’ of Cuba not solution  ” , Euractiv, 4 January 2018

Answering clichés on immigration INTERVIEW
Photo : ©John Macdougall-AFP
Answering clichés on immigration

Moving borders to control the African migrants outside of Europe is not a new idea. Neither is the fear that migrants could undermine economic and social balances of the countries where they settle down. Virginie Guiraudon, French researcher, reviews some tangible elements of study to argue on the subject.

Facts to deconstruct preconceived ideas [in French]  ” , The Conversation FR, 19 December 2017

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