Whether ecological, energetic, demographic or political, this press review sheds a light on the transitions, which are at the center of sustainable development.

The generation up next [REPORT]
© Fabrice Coffrini - AFP
The generation up next

Like Severn Suzuki at the Rio Summit in 1992, youngsters of the world mobilize for climate. From Belgium to Bali, they organize protests to make political leaders react. The solution might come from the mouths of children.

Teenagers Emerge as a Force in Climate Protests Across Europe  ” , New York Times, 1st February 2019

Tomorrow's energies? [VIDEOS]
© Arte - Gartner
Tomorrow's energies?

On islands, the wind blows, the sun shines, waves dance on the sea. These are little clichés , but they are also resources to develop renewable energies. Arte offers a panorama of five European pioneer islands.

Les îles du futur [English subtitles available]  ” , Arte, 1st February 2019

Cities of the future [TRIBUNE]
© Paco-Serinelli / AFP
Cities of the future

Cities are built on the growth principle. In history, urban degrowth has usually came along with decline or new vulnerabilities. Daniel Florentin’s proposal to see it also as a possible source of better resilience is kind of a revolution in urban planning.

The challenges of degrowth in cities  ” , The Conversation, 23 January 2019

What do demographics say? [ARTICLE]
© Brookings
What do demographics say?

There are 1.25 billion people under 25 in sub-Saharan Africa and less than 10% of people have a steady job. The demographic pressure fuels political and social instabilities but if could also be source of opportunities.

How industries without smokestacks can address Africa’s youth unemployment crisis  ” , The Telegraph, 11 January 2019

For a renewal in geopolitics [ARTICLE]
© Benedikt von Loebell - Forum économique mondial
For a renewal in geopolitics

In Davos, Antonio Guterres underlined the paradox between world’s realities that are “more and more integrated” and answers more and more “fragmented”. For the UN General Secretary, the current mechanisms are “a recipe for disaster”.

Guterres in Davos: ‘Dysfunctional’ response to common problems, shows need for effective multilateralism  ” , ONU News, 24 January 2019

Transitioning Venezuela? [ARTICLE]
Transitioning Venezuela?

The European ultimatum came to its end and Nicola Maduro stated again that he wouldn’t organize presidential elections. Foreign ingerence, elections ou political farce, no one can take guess on the outcome of this crisis.

EU leaders recognise Guaido in Venezuela  ” , Euractiv, 4 February 2019

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