Chinafrica, the Arctic subsoil which threatens to further warm the earth, and global literacy progress: a selection of development news highlights from September 2018.

China-Africa, a much-debated relationship [VIDEO]
China-Africa, a much-debated relationship

A win-win relationship or Beijing’s grip on Africa? From the invasion of Chinese goods on African markets to the exploitation of the continent’s mineral resources by Chinese mining companies, sometimes with their own workers, Le Dessous des Cartes examines “Chinafrica”.

Chinafrica? [English subtitles available]  ” , Arte, 31 August 2018

Warming with no return [REPORT]
Credit: Alfred Wegener Institute
Warming with no return

20% of the earth’s surface is covered with permafrost. On Alpine slopes as on polar lands, this frozen terrestrial layer has locked in enormous quantities of methane and carbon for thousands of years. If it melts, the atmospheric imbalance could be unprecedented.

Coastal erosion in the Arctic intensifies global warming  ” ,, 10 September 2018

For a sustainable Fashion Week [ARTICLE]
Fashion Week © Pixabay
For a sustainable Fashion Week

Coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, the United Nations secretariat overseeing climate change has issued a report on the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. It considers that a change is underway while nonetheless noting that green fashion is not yet fashionable.

UN Helps Fashion Industry Shift to Low Carbon  ” , UNFCCC, 6 September 2018

France, climate champion? [DEBRIEFING]
Emmanuel Macron © France 24
France, climate champion?

Coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly was the second One Planet Summit. Newly named “Champion of the Earth”, Emmanuel Macron launched the idea of creating a single-planet club to about thirty world leaders.

Macron urges action, not words on Paris climate deal  ” , « France 24 », 27 September 2018

Tuberculosis, this persistent scourge [ARTICLE]
©Stephen Eisenhammer-Reuters
Tuberculosis, this persistent scourge

Worldwide today, tuberculosis is deadlier than AIDS. The United Nations deputy secretary general speaks about this disease which may yet be spreading. The chance to focus on what is preventing its eradication, notably insufficient budgets.

Fight against ‘vicious’ tuberculosis epidemic drastically underfunded  ” , UN News, 26 September 2018

Toward a literate world? [OVERVIEW]
©Jean-Louis Pradels - Maxppp
Toward a literate world?

Each year, International Literacy Day is the time for UNESCO to assess the global literacy situation. And the inequalities are great. Of the 14% of adults who are illiterate, the majority are women and inhabitants of Africa.

Literacy Day: Beyond just a celebration  ” , The Punch, 17 September 2018

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