As the worst refugee crisis in the nine-year civil war unfolds in Syria, Mexican women take to the streets to fight the long-standing feminicide epidemic in Central America. This week’s Development press review compiles striking news from around the globe.

In Central America, gender violence drives migration [ARTICLE]
© Imelda Medina-Reuters
In Central America, gender violence drives migration

As street protests in Mexico call for a strong political response to the long-standing feminicide epidemic, aid groups struggle to handle the unprecedented increase in gender violence-driven female migration from Central America.

How Mexico and Central America’s feminicide epidemic drives and complicates the migrant crisis  ” , The New Humanitarian, February 27, 2020

Australia: winter is not coming [ARTICLE]
© David Gray-Getty Images
Australia: winter is not coming

Bushfires in Australia are merely a beginning and they are due to climate change, suggests new report from Australia Institute. Unless greenhouse gas emissions are cut down to zero, summers will continue to get longer and hotter, heatwaves more intense and bushfires more violent.

Climate crises cutting short Australia’s winters and extending summers  ” , The Guardian, 1 March, 2020

Environmental win: Infrastructure 0 – 1 Ecology [ARTICLE]
© Andy Rain - EPA via Shutterstock
Environmental win: Infrastructure 0 – 1 Ecology

It’s a landmark ruling and an epic win for the environment: Britain’s Court of Appeal ruled against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport in London. A world premiere that holds state infrastructure plans to Paris Agreement promises.

U.K. Court Blocks Heathrow Airport Expansion on Environmental Grounds   ” , The New York Times, February 27, 2020

Foreign aid goes to… elite development [ARTICLE]
Foreign aid goes to… elite development

Do elites capture foreign aid? The answer is yes, according to a report recently published by the World Bank. On average 7.5% of aid intended for the world’s poorest between 1999 and 2010 ended up in tax havens, says the study.

Corrupt Elites Siphon Aid Money Intended For World’s Poorest  ” , Forbes, February 20, 2020

Syria : The Idlib catastrophe [ARTICLE]
© Omar Haj Kadour - AFP via Getty Images
Syria : The Idlib catastrophe

Idlib is the last opposition-held province in Syria. As Bashar al-Assad’s regime lays siege to the province, the number of people displaced since December 1st, 2019 likely reaches a million. This is one of the worst refugee crises in the nine-year Syrian civil war.

Syria’s worst humanitarian catastrophe in its 9-year civil war is now unfolding  ” , Vox, February 24, 2020

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