Yasmine Osman

Macroeconomist, Africa Department at AFD

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Yasmine Osman is a graduate of ENS Cachan and ESCP Europe, and has a master’s degree in theoretical and empirical economics from the Paris School of Economics. Before joining AFD in 2018, she worked in the Directorate General of the Treasury within the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, where she was in charge of building growth forecasts for France and the euro area. Before that, she held various positions as an economist within investment banks: at Natixis, in the economic research department, where she monitored the economic situation of countries of Southern Europe and North Africa, and also at Crédit-Mutuel CIC. She specializes in questions of international macroeconomics.

ID4D Articles


African economy, recovery and COVID: a major shock but no panic

The recovery of African economy after the COVID-19 crisis runs the risk of being uneven, widening differences that exist around the continent, but also with the rest of the world. How can this be avoided? Solutions do exist and are at the heart of the Paris Summit this May 18th.


COVID-19 in Africa: a double tsunami

Africa will bear the brunt of the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. What can be done to mitigate these impacts? Beyond a debt moratorium, all forms of financial mobilization will be needed from the international community.


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