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Director of IDDRI's Biodiversity programme

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Dr Yann Laurans is the director of IDDRI's Biodiversity programme. He is an economist by training, and develops Iddri’s activities in the field of the economics of biodiversity policy-making.

His recent published works deal with the use of economic valuation for decision-making, ecosystem services and payments for ecosystem services. He worked on France, Central Europe, the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa. He teaches economic valuation and environmental negotiations at the Paris School of International Affairs (SciencesPo), and Economics of Sustainable Development, Energy and the Environment.
His initial work dealt with economic modelling of climate change negotiations, cost-benefit analyses of water and nature policies (rivers and coastline, sea-level rise, ecosystem services from wetlands, hydropower, water framework directive…). His past career is a mix of research (at Iddri and AScA, on wetlands and economic valuation, ecological restoration, environmental negotiations), environmental consulting (AScA, Espelia, Ecowhat) and a public water agency.

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Innovative financing for protected areas in Africa: where does the innovation lie?

Biodiversity is increasingly under threat on the African continent. In the face of this danger, IDDRI researchers Renaud Lapeyre and Yann Laurans promote a contractual approach to the financing and management of protected areas in Africa.


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