Slim Dali

Economist, AFD

2 published articles

Agence Française de Développement
5, Rue Roland Barthes
75598 Paris Cedex 12

+33 1 53 44 31 31


A graduate of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), Slim Dali held the position of economist in the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance, for 3 years. During that time, he also held a teaching position at Dauphine University in Paris. In 2009, he joined the economics division of  Instituts d’Emission d’Outre-Mer (issuing bank for overseas territories). In September 2012, he was appointed to the position of economist in the Macroeconomic Analysis and Country Risk Unit of AFD. In this unit, Slim analyses economic and financial vulnerabilities in countries where AFD operates. Slim’s work focuses particularly on links between energy vulnerability and macroeconomics.

ID4D Articles


Indonesia’s energy subsidies increase social inequalities

Indonesia, with its vast energy resources (oil, gas, coal), has opted for a development model based on the development of this natural capital. Yet the country has so far been unable to fully exploit the advantages of its energy assets. It has even become a net oil importer. An interview with Slim Dali, economist at AFD.


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