Sébastien Postic

Project Manager in the Economy Program at I4CE

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24 avenue Marceau,
75008 Paris – France


Sébastien Postic is a Project Manager in the Economy Program at I4CE. His current research topics concern the links between public finance and climate action, from the use of carbon tax revenues to climate analysis of national budgets. He previously worked on modelling the links between national energy systems and climate in South America, on the long term (2050).

ID4D Articles


“Green budgeting”: paths to creating real added value

Few green budgeting initiatives have led to concrete reforms or revisions of priority investments. How can we move from simple theoretical exercises to concrete action for the environment?


Renewable energies in China: From a proactive political approach to bottlenecks in the field

The deployment of renewable energies in China is driven by an ambitious political will. But the technical and regulatory barriers are many, leading to curtailment. A paradox also faced by Germany.


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