Quentin Parrinello

Advocacy Officer for Tax Justice and Inequalities

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Oxfam France
104 rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris


Quentin Parrinello is an Advocacy Officer for Tax Justice and Inequalities for Oxfam France. He has co-authored research and contributed to drafting several publications on the presence of French banks in tax havens (En quête de transparence, Oxfam France, 2016), new transparency obligations for extractive industries (La transparence à l’état brut, Oxfam France, 2017) and the distribution of wealth within CAC 40-listed companies (CAC 40 : des profits sans partage, Oxfam France, 2018). He is also part of the first generation of data extractors who bring together activists from around the world to work on open data and corporate transparency. He authored analysis on the tax impacts of the renegotiation of Areva mining contracts in Niger. Quentin Parrinello holds a degree in political science and international cooperation from Université Sorbonne Paris Cité.

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