Peggy Pascal

Food Security Advocacy Officer for Action against Hunger

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14/16 Boulevard Douaumont - CS 80060
75854 PARIS CEDEX 17


As an agricultural engineer, Peggy PASCAL spent a few years on the field in Africa and Afghanistan to conceive, implement and evaluate food security and rural development programs. Her technical expertise then enabled her to work on the political causes of hunger in political negotiations during COP21 or in the food security comitee for example. Peggy Pascal is now Food Security Advocacy Officer for the NGO Action against Hunger. She is monitoring climate negotiations and food security/nutrition negotiations for the NGO. Peggy Pascal is also General Secretary for the NGO Solidarité Internationale.

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Food security must be central to the Paris agreement

If nothing is done to fight against climate change, another 600 million will suffer from undernourishment by 2080*. Climate change threatens to undo the progress made in recent years in the fight against hunger and undernourishment. Food security and the fight against climate change are inextricably linked!


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