Marion Afriat

Project Manager in the Industry, Energy and Climate Team at I4CE

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24 avenue Marceau,
75008 Paris – France


Marion Afriat is a Project Manager in the Industry, Energy and Climate Team at I4CE. She follows international developments in carbon pricing, and the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency polices world-wide. Some of Marion’s most notable contributions have been as a lead author of carbon pricing case studies, editor-in-chief of ClimasCOPe and project coordinator for a monthly report on climate and energy policies.

ID4D Articles


Renewable energies in China: From a proactive political approach to bottlenecks in the field

The deployment of renewable energies in China is driven by an ambitious political will. But the technical and regulatory barriers are many, leading to curtailment. A paradox also faced by Germany.


Tailoring carbon taxes to emerging countries’ circumstances

The decarbonisation strategy of emerging countries is key to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Amongst other carbon pricing policies, implementing carbon taxes is gaining wider acceptance.


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