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Julien CALAS is an agronomist, specializing in development economics, graduated from AgroParisTech, after university studies in biology. He worked for ten years abroad as a project manager for AFD and FFEM in Senegal, Madagascar and Cambodia, in the rural development, environment and microfinance sectors. From 2006, he joined the French Fund for the Global Environment (FFEM) in charge of projects for the conservation of marine and terrestrial biodiversity. From September 2014, he was in charge of the environmental and rural sector evaluation program of the AFD’s evaluation and capitalization unit (ERS / EVA).

Since January 2020, he has joined the AFD research department in charge of launching a program on biodiversity and a pro-nature economy.

ID4D Articles


Biodiversity data: development banks as part of the solution

With wider sharing of the vast amounts of raw biodiversity data collected from the studies and projects they finance, development banks could facilitate the implementation of ecological transitions. Last part of this series focusing on the links between data sharing and biodiversity.


Biodiversity: better data sharing for effective ecological transitions

An increasing amount of biodiversity data has become available worldwide. Yet, we clearly lack data on groups of little-known organisms in the intertropical zone, which is richest in biodiversity.


Pandemics: the environmental origins of COVID-19

What are the environmental origins of pandemics such as COVID-19? Why are they going to become more and more frequent? In this first article of a series devoted to the links between COVID-19 and the environment, agronomists Julien Calas and Léa Lugassy, together with economist Étienne Espagne, take us back to the environmental origins of the current health crisis.


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