Jean Lapègue

Senior Advisor WASH, Action contre la faim

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14/16 Boulevard Douaumont - CS 80060
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Dr. Jean Lapegue is the Senior Advisor WASH in ACF-France headquarters since 2008. He has twenty five years professional experience in the WASH sector, including more than 10 years in the field, mainly in humanitarian contexts. During 4 years (1992-1996), he was Director of the hydrology cell of the Agriculture and Forest Department (French Ministry of Agriculture) in Mayotte. He holds a PhD of Environmental Hydrology and co-supervised several PhDs and master researches. His current position consists in animating the WASH team of ACF-France which intervenes in 20 countries and deliver WASH for about 3 million people every year, guide the organisational strategy, overarch WASH research and technical development, endorse and stimulate capacity building, advocacy and communication positioning on the WASH Sector. He is Alternate Governor of the World Water Council Board since 2015, where he represents the French Water Partnership.

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Water: A global challenge

Whether they lack it, have too much of it or cannot drink it, every human being on the planet face the challenge of water. Such a global challenge can only be met by a collective response.


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