Hervé Conan

AFD Director in Cameroon and CAR

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Agence Française de Développement
5, Rue Roland Barthes
75598 Paris Cedex 12

+33 1 53 44 31 31


Hervé Conan trained as an engineer and began his career in 1983 as a sanitary engineer in Mayotte, before setting up a local consulting firm in the local development sector. In 1989, he joined the company Vergnet (village water systems and renewable energies), where he was Deputy CEO until 1995. He subsequently developed a consultancy activity in the field of public market services management in developing countries (Africa, Asia and overseas France). After having set up a consulting firm in Cambodia in these sectors and a start-up in the renewable energies sector in Singapore, in 2001, he joined the BURGEAP consulting firm to develop their activities in Asia. He joined AFD in 2003 as rural water and local development project manager. In 2006, he joined the Phnom Penh agency as a project officer in rural and private sectors, then in 2009 left to take up the position of Director of the Jerusalem agency in charge of the Palestinian Territories. Since 2013, he has been Director of the Yaoundé regional agency in charge of Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea.

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Paying the price required to lift a country out of chaos is profitable

In crisis countries, international aid is parsimonious, or even minimal, and often imbalanced between military and civil expenditure. Yet experience has shown that to be effective, aid must reach a certain threshold. It can then be shown that in terms of investment, it is profitable.


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