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Gabriel Siméon is an environmental journalist and editorial consultant. He worked at Libération (in the Économie-Terre section and then the Futurs section) for several years, as well as at Science & Vie. He also co-founded Press On; the freelance journalist collective, in 2011.

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Shared Innovation

A $1 paper microscope is revolutionizing medicine and science in developing countries

Invented in 2014 by two researchers in the United States, the easy-to-use Foldscope microscope only costs $1 and can be used to detect malaria.

Shared Innovation

Nigeria: A start-up company aims to build the largest African genetic database in the world

To promote more inclusive research and gain a better understanding of the specific genetics of Africans, the Nigerian start-up company, 54gene, is aiming to build the largest ever Africa-wide DNA database.


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