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Economist, macroeconomics & country risk analysis at AFD

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Economist David Chetboun works on the economic and financial vulnerabilities of several countries where AFD is working. He also contributes to the development of growth model analysis.

His work on country risk analysis concerns countries in Africa as well as in Asia and Latin America. As part of his involvement in the development of growth model analysis, he oversees projects concerning the potential for industrialization in Africa as well as analysis of inequalities in Cameroon, a project that is part of the Research facility on inequalities in developing and emerging countries, coordinated by AFD and financed by the European Union.

Prior to joining the country risk and macroeconomic analysis team at AFD in 2014, David Chetboun worked on growth factors and monitoring economic conditions in France’s overseas departments and provinces. After graduating with an economist-statistician degree from the National School for Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE), he worked for three years as economist at the Observatoire des études économiques des Instituts d’émission d’Outre-mer (IEOM). During this experience, he developed business monitoring indicators for France’s overseas departments and provinces and contributed to studies to identify the barriers and supportive elements in regional exchanges in France’s overseas departments and provinces (DOM and COM).

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