Christina Lionnet

Advocacy Officer at Action against Hunger (ACF)

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Christina Lionnet is Advocacy Officer at Action against Hunger (ACF), where she studies the policies implemented by France to combat undernutrition in the context of France’s Official Development Assistance. She has been working in the field of the fight against hunger for four years, after several years in journalism, where she especially handled international and development affairs.

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Let’s put on nutrition glasses!

Every year, on 16 October, World Food Day provides an occasion to remind us that undernutrition kills over 3 million children a year. In addition to the health tragedy, it is important to stress that this scourge hinders economic development in countries: it costs between 2% and 11% of GDP. For a long time, it was thought that the increase in agricultural production provided an effective and adequate response to combat this scourge. Yet there are a whole host of causes: food insecurity, but also the lack of access to healthcare, water-hygiene-sanitation, education, the impacts of climate change, as well as gender inequalities. Consequently, in order to be able to combat this health tragedy effectively, all actors in the development community must take action.


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