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Executive director of Oxfam France

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Oxfam France
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75011 Paris


Cécile Duflot is, from June 2018, Executive Director of Oxfam France which is a member of the Oxfam Confederation, a network of 20 NGOs that act together to make a sustained and significant positive impact on global poverty and injustice.

ID4D Articles


“Inequality is undermining the Sahel region”

Following the latest Oxfam report on inequality in the Sahel, Cécile Duflot explains how inequality is worsening the multidimensional crisis affecting the region. According to her, this calls for a coordinated response involving various stakeholders.


10 years to invest in sustainable development

As the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals represent a serious emergency, ID4D presents to you this cross-cutting scientific booklet that gathers the voices of 11 experts in development on various topics, from water to governance through biodiversity, inequalities or entrepreneurship.


Cécile Duflot : “There is nothing inevitable about inequality”

Since 2015, despite the adoption of the SDGs, including n°10 on inequality, inequalities are increasing. Cécile Duflot takes a look at the dynamics of wealth distribution in both emerging and developing countries and in rich countries.


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