Desire Vencatachellum
Desire Vencatachellum

To mark the 6th Convergences 2015 World Forum, an interview with Désiré Vencatachellum, Professor of Economics and Policy and Operations Director, African Development Bank.

Africa is at a critical crossroads. Over the past decade, the continent’s economic growth has stood at between 5 and 7%. Countries are emerging, a middle class is developing… Africa would appear to be “on the right track”. But how can this momentum be maintained with the ongoing global economic crisis? Should the notions of common good and general interest be used as the basis to guarantee a more equitable and sustainable society?

“If growth is not shared, if we do not establish a system where citizens can make their voices heard and where leaders are accountable, we are heading for problems.”

For Désiré Vencatachellum, the concepts of common good and general interest are central to African society and core to AfDB’s mission, which is to work to enhance development and reduce poverty.

Despite the crisis, it is crucial for all the international community and donors to continue to support institutions that work for development in Africa. But to meet the post-2015 challenges, the AfDB director calls for inclusive, shared and balanced growth, and also for greener growth.

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