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Climate change, urbanization, migration, rise of new economic power… we live in an ever-changing world in which new balances constantly emerge. The development agenda is becoming increasingly complex due to the integration of new global challenges (environmental preservation, climate change, urbanization…) and the diversification of actors (development agencies, NGOs, private companies, diasporas, foundations, local authorities…). Its content is the subject of much debate, both in terms of its objectives and the methods to achieve them.

Action to promote development could be even more effective if agreement was reached on clear objectives, but also by relying on shared experience. It is for this reason that Agence Française de Développement provides a forum to exchange experiences and compare ideas : the Ideas for Development blog. This blog is facilitated by its services and is intended for all development actors, from both the North and South, and the public interested in development.

The blog does not uphold a doctrine or any particular point of view : the aim is to promote a debate of ideas in a constructive spirit. All reasoned ideas are published on the blog. The responses, criticisms and comments are encouraged by the very nature of the tool : a platform for exchange par excellence.

The contributors to the blog are experts from AFD or other institutions (research institutes, universities, NGOs, international institutions, Ministries…). The posts express the views of their authors and not their institutions. The blog is also available in English in order to extend the scope of exchanges beyond the French-speaking world. Consequently, for an author, publishing on the blog provides an effective way to widely disseminate his/her analyses and proposals, and face constructive criticism from expert professionals.

Rémy Rioux
Chief Executive of Agence Française de Développement

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